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Our History

Now, For A Little History


In 1972, after serving 4-1/2 years in the Air Force (three in Frankfurt, Germany), Paul attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, graduating in 1975 with a B.S. in Landscape Architecture, and just a few credits away from having minors in Architecture and Ornamental Horticulture. Right after graduating, he got his Adult School Teaching Credential, and while still doing landscaping, designed a state-accepted course called “Landscape Gardening” and taught it to adults for the next four years at San Luis Obispo High School.

Licensed by the State, as a Landscape Contractor, in 1976, Paul began landscaping by himself, living in and working out of a motor home. He called his company Mobilandscapes because he would go anywhere in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties for work.

Funny thing….He ended up doing lots and lots of mobile homes…go figure! Later, he changed the company name to Creative Landscapes by Paul C. Woltze.


In 1984 Paul started his first nursery in Orcutt, CA just South of Santa Maria, changing the company name to Creative Landscapes Nursery & Florist. In just two short weeks, he and 12 employees refurbished a dilapidated nursery, added a florist, along with a full inventory of plants (automatically irrigated), chemicals, tools and pallets of various planting mixes, rock and bark. Also added were niceties like a pond with a bridge over it and an aviary, lots of working fountains and birdbaths and a complete line of statuary!

In 1986, just 18 month later,Paul opened a second complete nursery at a large department store in Santa Maria. This was a smaller nursery and closed when the department store went out of business.

In 1988, just 18 months after that, Paul opened his third nursery in Lompoc, CA. In two weeks, he had added a florist and all the other things required to create a beautiful landscaping environment, just like the Orcutt nursery, with a pond, aviary and working fountains, birdbaths and statuary. Within 18 more months Paul had an equipment yard, growing grounds, a materials yard (with hundreds of cubic yards various types of mulch, bark, rock and associated materials) to service his growing landscape business and an office and equipment yard in Santa Barbara.

Several years later he became the only florist for Vandenberg Air Force Base; by this time his employees had grown to 110 dedicated professionals!


Paul retired from his businesses in early 1997 at the age of 49, and after a very uneventful two years-except for being sought out and hired to inspect the installation of 108″ (9 ft) rainwater drainage pipe down the middle of Hwy 1 in Long Beach- in late 1998, took the Landscape Architect test for Caltrans. Achieving 96% on the written and oral sessions, Paul placed #1 in the State for 1998. He landed eleven job interviews all over the State, with two in San Bernardino. He finally decided on a job as a Landscape Associate where he worked for the Encroachment Permits Department in San Bernardino-because it was an hour from the ocean, an hour from the mountains and an hour from the desert!

After six and a half years, Paul retired…again, retired, in January of 2006, at the age of 57. In his retirement, he has become a sometime Consultant to cities and counties, architects and landscape architects as well as, developers and general contractors. He has also done many Landscape and Irrigation designs for commercial as well as residential properties.

Now, in July 2010, Paul is ready to work again, full time….It’s in his blood. It’s who he is….He is passionate about life…..and passionate about landscaping.

Please contact him to make all your landscaping dreams come true, at a price you can afford.


Paul was very active in the Lompoc and Santa Maria communities and is now active in the Redlands community by being a Commissioner on the Redlands Street Tree Commission and a Director for Birthday Bags 4 Kids..

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