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Our Equipment

  • 2006 Isuzu 16' Work Truck
    2006 Isuzu 16′ Work Truck

    Built from a flatbed, this truck is capable of going to almost any three jobs to provide complete irrigation without going for parts and do anything else related to landscaping.

  • 2010 7500 GVW Trailer
    2010 7500 GVW Trailer

    We use this for hauling debris, bring soil ammendment, top soil, bark and rock to your landscape as well as moving our tractor from job to job.

  • 2010 Kubota Tractor with a 4′ Tiller

    We use this especially to till your existing soil and also till in soil ammendment. Also used for loading large quantities of mulch or rock into wheelbarrows for yards with limited access.