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On a More Personal Note…..

We have Fourteen (14) pets….all but one of them are rescues. Do you have any extra love in your heart that you can give an unfortunate animal? They add so much to your life…..Just “Google” the type of pet you would love to save and put “Rescues” after it (i.e. “Bunny Rescues” or “Lab Rescues” , etc). Your life could be so much fuller………and please believe me when I say, “The life you save may be your own…..”

Here are some of our wonderful pets:



We got Fred and Ethel (who later passed) from people who no longer wanted them…..He is paired with Wilma (below) who we bought from Bracken’s Bird Farm in Redlands. They live with Azi (“Blue” in Spanish) and Harriet in a big cage full of toys. They love apples, birdie bread (see “Lulu” below) and other veggies….oh, yes….and millet.


Fred’s mate and the only non-rescued pet.


Azi (Ozzie)
Another person couldn’t keep Azi, so we took him. Every morning when I uncover the “keeters” I say, “Good Morning Fred, Good Morning Wilma, Good Morning Azi, Good Morning Harriet”, and they each look at me when I call their names.


Azi’s mate.


Zoey Belle
We think she’s part pit bull and something else. Sue found her on a very busy street about to get hit by a car. She was about 12 weeks old at the time, covered with ticks, very dirty and very afraid. She had a bath and Sue picked all the ticks off. She is now 8 years old, getting a little arthritis, but still barking her head off at the mailman. She was spayed at 5 months of age. She is Frank’s best buddy.


“Big Lou” (Lulu)
“Lulu” is a girl……and a woman-hater!! She’s MY girl!! We bought Lulu from a person who was helping around the house. He found her in a bush and put her in a tiny cage. He needed money, Lulu need a much bigger cage and WE needed ANOTHER bird….yeah, right!!!! She was totally ignored and had no toys. Now she has a 6 ft tall x 4ft wide and 2 1/2 ft deep cage…and is in “toy heaven”! She loves to chew up cardboard, wood, shirts, an occasional ear,….just about anything! We feed her seed, millet, apples, lettuce and her favorite….pomegranates and almonds (I help crack each one for her)…oh, right…and “Birdie Bread”, which I make, 90 at a time, about the size of a lime, with bananas, peanut butter, her seed, whole wheat flour, pureed peaches (from our tree), red pepper flakes, broccoli and a bunch of other stuff! (Call for receipe!)


Balloo Woltze
We found Balloo in the pound….three days past his euthanasia date. He was cowered in a pillow case…AFRAID OF EVERYTHING! He mentored Mavis (below) and the two of them are inseparable! He loves the dog’s chicken jerky and loves to be “Baptized”!! Twice a day he jumps up on the bathroom sink and bows his head down. I take a little handful of water and pat it on his head….SIX TIMES…and then he drinks out of the faucet!! I keep telling him, “The wet-head is dead!”.


Franklin Lamont Dog Whiting-Woltze, Jr, Esq……….”Frank”
Named after a doctor that Sue worked with (Sue was a medical transcriptionist (from home))-Now a full time dog groomer! (Sweet Sue Mobile Pet grooming) Frank is a full-blood Black Lab… We found him at the pound four days past his euthansia date. The best $28.00 we ever spent. He follows us everywhere we go and even gets up with me at 4 am. He loves the kitchen and stands at the open gate but never leaves the back yard, unless it is on a leash for one of his 5:30 am walks with Sue and Zoey Belle. Believe it or not, he HATES water…just turn on the hose and he runs and hides!! (I think someone punished him with water in his former life.) None of our pets get on the furniture and Frank and Zoey sleep in our master bedroom (actually two bedrooms that I removed the wall in) on coolaroos that are off the ground for their beds. Sue makes them chicken and brown rice and every meal I put half a can of chicken broth and warm it in the microwave for 123…(one minute and 23 seconds)……Frank sits for his food…then lunges!!


Cutie (Peach-Faced Love Bird)
Cutie flew into a neighbor’s yard from who-knows-where and landed on his chaise. He picked her up, put her in a box and took her to a neighbor who knew what to do….give her to Paul & Sue. We bought her a cage, filled it full of toys and gave her birdie bread (see above at Lulu) and apple and brocolli. She was scared at first, but now has a happy home with all the other pets! When one of our friends found out how we got her she said, “She won the “Birdie Lottery” at Paul and Sue’s house!


Meet “Dexter” a Dutch Bunny
Dexter and Daphne (below) were rescued from people who didn’t have any time for them. They were in cages on the side yard of an unlandscaped house with temps in the high 100′s in the Summer and high ‘teens in the Winter. There was another bunny who died when the 5 gal auto water feeder malfunctioned. They were never checked on or played with. We had “Dexter” fixed. Now he and Daphne live in Sue’s office and have a 25 foot circular “playpen” on our lawn. We let them dig in one spot and now they have a three foot long burrow they stay in to cool off…they also have an umbrella, food and water with ice in it. The dogs and the cats come in to sniff them and visit and everybody is happy. (They have been trained to use their “potty”.) They get fresh greens throughout the day, but especially for dinner. They love apples, cilantro, parsley, broccoli and a little lettuce. They are held and petted throughout the day and now stand on their hind feet to get “pets”.


This is Daphne, a Rex Bunny and the love of Dexter’s life!
See above for the tale of Daphne and Dexter. We also had Daphne fixed when Sue learned, on-line, that 90% of female bunnies die at a young age of uterine cancer.


Meet the Wondedrful “Mavis Delores Davis from Delano”!!
Mavis was a feral kitty, just a few weeks old that we found in Sue’s car engine…trying to keep warm during the Winter. We called the City of Redlands and had her trapped and kept her. She spent the first three days in the bathroom with visits from us, but man-oh-man did she put up a racket!!! She was mentored on how to be a loving house-kitty by “Balloo (above). Now she is a “wonder-kitty”; she comes when called and comes to my patio table (where I do all my work, even designs, all year long) for pets. During the day she sleeps on Sue’s computer table….sometimes with Balloo and she also likes to go outside and hunt lizards. Neither she nor Balloo ever leave the confines of the back yard and when they come in for dinner (before dark) we keep them in because we have coyotes that roam the streets and also a family of raccoons living in our street trees.


Meet the “Woodster” (Woody)
“Woody” was found by us in a very dark corner of a chicken coop-of all places. His very small cage was filthy and he had no toys or companions ….except the chickens (who could have cared less!). We ended up buying him and his cage (the owner’s big selling point-oh yeah!) for 80 bux. Got him a new cage with lots of toys and a mirror he constantly shows his millet to. We put in a small box to chew on and he chewed a big hole in it and lives in it…..he takes millet down in 30 seconds and drags it into his house. Woody is an escape artist. He flicks up his food door till it sticks and escapes…climbing on all the other birds cages to visit……and eat their millet. We now put twist-ties on his doors, but he has them off in two days and taunts us with them……hanging out of his beak!!